Floating Candles

by - October 15, 2014

Sorry for not writing yesterday; I had fever, cold, and a bad sore throat. Even right now, though the fever is down, I still have soreness in my throat, and that sucks.

Anyway, this Diwali, lighten up your homes by using floating candles. Last to last year we had used two candles, and they looked pretty. All you need is a bowl full of water and the floating candles, which are readily available in the market as Diwali approaches.

They look amazing and exotic. They look the best on Bhaubeej evening when your brothers come at your place, or you go at his/their place.

You can even decorate the bowl like in the photo by putting flowers or other fancy, light-weighed things. And yes, don't forget to use an ethnic, fashionable bowl instead of a boring, steel bowl that you normally have at home.
A good looking bowl with fancy candles and aromatic flowers, Diwali lights hanging in the balcony, coldness in the atmosphere, and crackers bursting everywhere, don't miss the chance of adding up fun on Diwali evenings.

Have you used floating candles, or you prefer the regular ones?

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