Diwali and Missing my Family

by - October 19, 2014

I was just listening to the 'Damlelya Babachi Kahani' by Salil Kulkarni and Sandeep Khare, and it made me cry, which wasn't unusual. The duo has sung such an amazing song. I love the lyrics, and it is special for every daughter and every father. Truly superb song.

This Diwali my dad wouldn't be in India to celebrate it with us. He is in China, and couldn't get a leave. I miss him so much. For the non-Marathi speaking readers, I would like to explain the song in few words: The title's direct translation is 'A Story of a Tired Father'. In this, the singers sing how a father is sorry for not being there with his daughter due to workload. He hates it that he couldn't spend much time with his daughter in her childhood, and that he misses her when out for work. He also asks her if she would remember him forever, and that have tears in her eyes after marrying and leaving the house.

Such a heart-touching song this is. Even my father cries listening to it. You know how stern fathers are; they hardly cry. So you should understand how strong this song is.

This Diwali, not just my father, but even my cousins and family wouldn't be with me. This year I'll be with mom, brother, and friends. I miss my cousins. Spending festivals without them is so tough. After Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali is what we look forward to in order to meet each other and have a splendid family time.

Diwali's most memorable time is the morning's utna and oil ritual. Though on Diwali's first day, our moms apply utna and oil on our bodies, it is even more fun during Bhaubeej. On Bhaubeej morning, if the brother is with you, you have to apply him utna, oil, and later bathe him with yummy shampoo, and aromatic soaps. (You even give him tips about getting smooth hair! My brothers always ask us about tips, and we make sure we help them. We also scrub their bodies so that they look the best brothers in the whole world; well they are the best.) After the ritual, the brother bathes himself, which is very rude of him. (God knows why they have to bath after sisters bathe them so nicely!)

I love Diwali, and I love all the colours and lights around. The atmosphere is crazy. I wish I was spending Diwali with all the family members. I will definitely miss them.


The song 'Damlelya Babachi Kahani'

Happy almost-Diwali guys! #GharWaliDiwali #IndiBlogger

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