Best Buy(s) // September

by - September 30, 2014

 There were hardly any buys in September. I spent most of my pocket money on food, traveling, and birthday gifts.

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Guilt Trip Mini Cupcakes Box
I wanted to have cupcakes ever since people started uploading their pictures on Instagram. I bought a pack for my best friend's birthday, and she loved them a lot. I got a pack of 12 minis for Rs. 200. We can also choose which flavoured cupcake we want to keep in the box. It was the best deal so far.

The second best deal was this pack of 100 lists. I always made lists on my own, but now I don't need to make one. This was one of the most important things to organize in my life till now. 
Sometimes, I just keep staring at its beauty.
I got this pile for Rs. 99. And, hey, we shouldn't ignore the fact that the design on it is simply mindblowing!
Perfect pick!

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Harper's Bazaar India July-August 2014 Issue bought in Scrap
For the magazine making lecture, sir had asked us to combine more than two magazines of the same category for ideas. The other day, we just happened to go to a scrap shop, and I asked if he had Harper's Bazaar, and he had! 
Actually, I got a thing for Bazaar.
Well, I bought the last month's issue for Rs. 30 only!

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Blue Gemstone Finger Ring
I have started liking hand accessories like watches, bracelets, rings, etc. I recently purchased a blue coloured ring from a jewelry and beauty shop. I got the ring for Rs. 70, which is sort of less. 
Last time when I'd bought a red coloured one, I had raised my eyebrows when the shopkeeper said the ring was for Rs. 100. Later, he sold me the ring for Rs. 90.
Finger rings look classy on western as well as Indian outfits. 

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Paper Gift Bags from Celebration
Don't worry; I am going to write a post on these bags in few days! These bags are the cutest thing at my place right now. I got a pack of six paper bags for Rs. 120. I don't know if it is too much, or too less.
This bag served as a gift hamper for my best friend, Rutuja. (You're going to love it.)

What are your best buys this month?

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