Greeting Card #3

by - September 27, 2014

Hello guys!

I am busy since two days. Last to last day I had lectures till 3:30, and I reached home at 5:00 or something. After that, I slept for forty minutes, and went down for a long list of tasks to do. It was my best friend's birthday yesterday, so I had to shop gifts. I also had to collect frames and wrist watch, and buy food for the big road trip. I went down at 7:00, and came back at 9:00. I had food, prepared her gift, had dinner, and slept.

And was not possible. I will write a post on the road trip tomorrow, or in some days.

I just loved the way my best friend's best friend 'Akshaya' made a greeting card for her. Isn't it amazing? I loved how she's finished it. It looks as if this card was bought from one of those craft exhibitions.

She has taken a chart paper, and on that has stuck a handmade paper. Then she has stuck different sized papers for giving it a 3D look.

They're school best friends, so they have lot of memories. She has pasted their photographs, and has doodled on some places.

She has used butterflies.

There's a pouch made on top of the page.

The pouch has cards with special messages written on them. I loved this idea. (And that's the birthday girl.)

Finally, she made an envelope with the handmade paper, and has kept the card safely inside.


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