Road Trip to Lonavla (and Much More)

by - September 28, 2014

I seriously don't have time to write a long post like today's. I'm just back home. I had gone out with my mom to give cloth pieces for stitching, and other things.

 We met at morning 7:00 near the birthday girl's place. After all the five of us were there, we left. All her favourite people were there: her three best friends, and a family friend.

We took first halt at McDonald's, because it seemed everybody was hungry. I ordered a tumbler of coffee (my favourite).

We started further. The atmosphere was amazing. As always! Lonavla+Monsoon/Winter=Heaven.

We stopped randomly at a point. The view was awesome! There was a South Indian family having snacks there.

Later, just after some time, we stopped again for some quick snacks. I had a McPuff. It was exactly 10:45 that time. The breakfast time was still going on.

When she was not listening, her girl best friend told me that they had hidden the cake in the back of the SUV. I did not know the cake was homemade!

We reached Tiger Point, Lonavla. Akshaya took out the cake and we cut it. It was delicious.

The usual 'feeding cake by the Birthday Girl' was going on. I wanted to eat the whole damn cake!

Then she gave her a cute wallet and the greeting.

And then...we had cheese Maggi!

Oops; look who joined us?

We clicked photos at the Tiger Point. It was superb.

The five of us.

Way towards INS Shivaji.


We went to Bhushi Dam. To reach there, we had to go through knee deep water. The water was cold.


Feeding the fishes. 

Typical photographs.

Loved these houses/motels. I peeped outside the SUV and clicked this one!


We left for coming back. We halted at a random waterfall, and clicked many photos. It was way too slippery!


After the waterfall, we halted at a hotel, and had lunch. I did not have as I was not hungry. They were having fish fry, so I couldn't breathe there properly!

Then we came back in the city. We went at her place and cut the cake with her parents and sister. 

Later, we went to Poptates for dinner. And again, we five were there! At last, I reached home at 9:30.


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