Quirky Montex Pens

by - September 22, 2014

I wanted to write a post on these pens ever since my best friend had gifted me these. She didn't actually gift me, but gave me. I had given her stick notes, notepads and alike, so she gave me few things in barter.

Finding preppy pens in India is easy, but the only problem is their price. If the pens were expensive, people would not buy them largely. But if the pens are reasonable and good looking, then hey, what's the problem?

Montex Pen is one of the oldest companies of pens in India. I remember, right since childhood we have been using these. Popularly known as 'Montex' in India, I have heard people addressing it as, "Ek Montex dena (give me one Montex)," to the shopkeepers.

And now the same old Montex is up with fashionable pens like these.

Montex Classic has a bold ink. I have a purple coloured body.

Montex Stylish is really stylish. I have a yellow coloured body in this.

Both the pens are for Rs. 10, I guess. For more pens, you can visit their official site: www.montexpen.com


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