The UK Diaries // Day 7

by - September 24, 2014

 Day 7

After yesterday's peaceful sleep in the bus, we reached London at morning 6:00. We got fresh, had breakfast, and roamed a bit of the city. We were at London Bridge City.

We saw the Tower Bridge and other amazing architecture here.


We clicked lot of pictures. After this, we took a train to Heathrow Terminal 5 station. Then from there, we took a cab to Thistle hotel.

I had tub-bath there, and it was superb! There was warm water, refreshing aroma, and a comfortable seat. Though we had to leave for India at 6:00, I was shamelessly having a slow, warm bath at 4:00.

We had food, and started packing for India. We were sad to leave my brother back and come to India (though he was coming here the next day!) Shortly, we left for Heathrow Airport by an airport-pickup bus. (The bus was thirty minutes late!)

We reached the airport, and after clicking selfies, we left for India. Frankly, I was not willing to come back.


The UK Diaries end here. I'm feeling as if I'm actually in the flight, and on my way back to India. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to relive those moments.

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