Favourite Features of MS Office PowerPoint 2013

by - September 17, 2014

For all of you who are in confusion about buying Office 2013, let me clear out the confusion: Office 2013 is what you should definitely buy, because it really is worth it.

After you open PowerPoint, you get this window. This window in itself is very interesting. You get options and you can select whichever theme you like, or more importantly, which matches your information: Formal theme for college presentations or projects, and floral, colorful one for quirking up college notes.
(Don't worry; like other versions of PowerPoint, even in 2013 you can add or change the theme later.)

After you select one of the themes in the start, you get option to select a sub-theme, or if properly put, you can select which color you want. So basically, the layout remains the same, and only the color changes.

You could add comments/notes in the earlier versions too; but 2013 seems better.

When the presentation is running, you can choose whether you want the arrow to be seen or no. It definitely is a good feature.

The Acrobat tab lets you play with the PDF and the presentation. (I know its importance now.)

One of the best features in PowerPoint 2013, or for that matter, for Office 2013, is changing designs of the entire window. We can select designs from the default designs, and we can also change the colour of the window between gray, light gray, or white.
And there's this account's name there...feels good, eh?

I liked these options from where you can change different things. Take a closer look to know the same.

PP 2013 gives you graphs and other things which suit the theme. Using of colors like teal, green, and blue is one of the examples.

Even the WordArt has colors which go with the theme. I really hated WordArts of the previous versions; they were so boring.

In 2013, or maybe in my touch-screen tablet, there's an option to change the Mode to either Touch or Mouse.

The screen changes to this when you select 'Touch' mode. The options automatically go a bit away from each other, thus giving the user a wider scope to touch different options.

Another interesting feature is this: While the presentation is running, you can choose between Laser Pointer, Pen, or Highlighter to highlight, mark, show, or guide the audience to a particular picture or sentence. For example, if I am presenting in front of the class, and I want to show them a corner of the photograph inserted, I can take the laser pointer to that corner. This acts like a ruler that our teachers used in classes while teaching during schooldays.
You can similarly highlight or underline important words or sentences while reading the presentation slides (especially while studying).

Another amazing feature is adding your own tab in the ribbon.

I added my own tab with the name 'Rutuja'. I can Remove or Add it anytime in the future. I can add Groups and then add the shortcuts (or whatever they're called!).

This is how the screen looks like under the 'Mouse' mode.

For the grammar nerds, there's a very proper option to change the Spelling checking settings and Proofing.

We can also password-protect our document. Changes can be made by the people who know the password of the document. You can also make the document your final creation.

 You can add screenshots without the tedious Print Screen stuff.

The icons of PP 2013 (and Office 2013) are really awesome!

Finally, when the presentation is running, you can zoom in the area that you want to enlarge. For example, if the backbenchers cannot see smaller fonts, you can zoom in to make the fonts larger.

P.S. I have not arranged the points in an order; kindly bear with me.

Which are your favorite features of PowerPoint 2013 or previous versions?

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