Things that I Loved throughout // September

by - September 29, 2014

September month was/is superb! There are plenty of things to note down in this month.

Here are my September favorites:

TPCG's Anniversary
Nothing was as good as my blog's anniversary. Completing a year was a big achievement to me. Apart from that, writing articles about it, like the tips and changes, I have done something really good. I'm glad I extended TPCG for a year, and still am continuing it.

Well, well, apart from it being my first roadtrip, it indeed was a rocking one. I was with a totally different set of people, and I enjoyed the roadtrip thoroughly. 

Best Friend's Birthday (Rutuja)
You would suggest me to mention about this in the roadtrip itself; but frankly, the birthday was better than the roadtrip, because hey, it was my best friend's birthday! 

Best Friend's Birthday (Prajakta)
Today it is my school best friend's birthday. We had planned a surprise for her. It worked wonderfully (though we couldn't hug her spontaneously as boys were playing football in between us). We had purchased a cute box of mini cupcakes for her. I ate most of the cupcakes, and I don't feel a percent guilty about it. The time I spent with her and my other school best friend was a much needed. We have a fun time whenever we meet. 

Yummy Cupcakes
As a gift, we did not give a cake, but cupcakes. I had asked one of the TPCG's readers, Aishwarya, if she knew a good pastry shop near our locality. That is when she told me about this shop: Guilt Trip. I was wondering where I was all this time that I did not know about this yummy shop. We purchased a box of twelve mini cupcakes, and it costed just Rs. 200. The box was cute. I could not click images as I was in a rush to meet her. 
The friend, Anuja, who was with me, bought a box of three regular sized cupcakes. Delicious!

It is resting on my worktop. I love it! (Also check how to use long lists.)

Painting the House
We have painted the house after 9 long years. We feel so fresh and neat every time we enter the house. The hall (living room) has off white and olive/bottle green, kitchen has a lighter shade of mango, my brother's room has white and peacock blue, and my room? It is a secret. 

I designed a picture and framed it at a local shop. The frame is inspirational. I will post about it as soon as all the three frames are hanging on my room's wall.

Stencil Art
One of the pillars in my room has stencil art. Although I didn't like it when I'd seen it for the first time, now I've started liking it.

This is not my room. The theme of my room is similar to this. Oh! I love being at home.

New Fonts
I've used a different font for every alphabet here, including the characters like apostrophe. I have used these fonts in posts like Avoid Redoing Project Work, ONE Year for TPCG!, Anniversary Special: How Blogging Has Changed My Life, etc. I loved all the fonts I have used here. No matter these fonts are making the posts appear quirkier. 

My friend tried Fishtail the other day in college. I must say it was brilliant!

Red Bull
I tried Red Bull drink for the first time. I had actually texted my brother to ask him if it contains alcohol. He said no, and only after that I tried it. (I'm sorry; but I am too conscious about this.)

Best Friends' Meet
I met my school time best friends today! I had a lovely time with them.

What are your September favorites?

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