How to Use Long Lists

by - September 23, 2014

 I hadn't decided to write a post on this, specifically; but I just came home, and I've been using these lists ever since I have purchased them.
I was just sitting on my bed, and I came across a beautiful scene where my lovely lists and supplies (and two packs of glitter!) were lying. I have just come back from shopping and checking off the to-dos. Shopping does not mean clothes, accessories, or shoes shopping; but little stuff like glitter, glue, flowers, coffee, etc. I also had lots of to-dos that I had listed down on another list (i.e., my index cards) for easy shopping.

Well, before I begin, I would again like to say how awesome these lists are!

 This was the 'beautiful scene'. Along with the lists, there is my agenda, golden sparkle, pen, pencil, and that mini check list that I had made for today's shopping using an index card. And there's a binder clip there, too!

This is the new list. The old one, though lot of the to-dos are yet to do, is still there.

This is the old list. I have torn the page from the dotted line, and have pinned it on my agenda, temporarily. I will keep it here when the agenda is resting home, instead of toiling hard in my backpack. Whenever I have to carry the agenda to college, I will pin this old list elsewhere.

This is my favourite binder clip. It matches with my room's theme.

I have drawn small squares before every item. The blank are not done, the ticks are done, and the crosses are opted out or cancelled. This is the best tip I could give in this post. It really gives a proper view to the things done and yet to be done.

Mm, the supplies on my worktop have moved, yet again. I have kept the lists horizontally to get a quicker view of the latest tasks.

The old list is standing near the desktop.

Have you figured out how you would use your long lists?

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