Our Own Letterheads and Visiting Cards

by - September 20, 2014

My friends in Advertising do have interesting projects like we do. They have projects to make their own products, and then design all the material possible, and also print them. They made visiting cards, boxes, etc. It is so much fun. I wish even Journalism had projects like these (though we have nice projects as well!).

While we all were discussing on a private group of around 7-8 girls, one of them showed us her project of this subject. Though my auto-download is on Wi-Fi only, and that time it wasn't switched on, I got the images late. So yesterday while I was going through the gallery, I noticed something colorful and pretty--her visiting cards and letterheads!

Visiting Card

My friend Ganga takes project more seriously than I do. She has the habit of writing all the possible points related to project, and try to do the project as perfect as possible. Last year, when the pendulum used to swing to the 'bored' side of me, her neat and complete notes always helped it to swing back to the good.
I miss all of that. I miss showing each other how nicely we took notes, and which pens we used, and ask each other's notes, if absent! #NerdAlert
(I know that the hashtags don't work on blogger!)

She's still the same; and all the classmates are still the same; only I am not a part of that class anymore. It's good to know she still completes her notes, and I'm sure she motivates others to complete theirs!


Don't you just feel like gulping those lovelies? And the colorful polka dots seem like Gems! Yummy!

Birthday Label

Of course! Only the circular part is the label. As she has a cake shop, she had to make a label too.

That's it. How pretty was that?

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