The Long List

by - September 08, 2014

Finally, I could write a post even though the painting is still going on in the house. The usual home Wi-Fi is off, and we have purchased a Tata Photon Max Wi-Fi Data Card. My brother bought it just now, and gave it to me. The first thing I did was, of course, opening

I never knew we could get such awesome stationary at reasonable price in India. On 4th September, my classmates and I were purchasing gifts for our favourite professors for the Teachers' Day, which happens on the 5th September in India.

We went to Hallmark's for the gifts. And oh my God, the things are beautiful there! If I could, I would have purchased the entire store.

So that's when I saw this amazing thing. The big, fat book for lists. I got this 100 pages list for Rs. 99. Trust me, Rs. 99 is less. Last time, too, while I was hunting for good books for college, I had crossed my way to this list; but as it was month-end, and I had less money left with me, I couldn't buy.

But luckily, this time I found it. The best thing about this list is not its price, but its design. (I love this design, and it is one of the inspirations for my new room!) The perfect blend of hot pink and a vintage print is what I loved about this list the most.

I have started using this list already. Though my brother tore off one page shabbily from it, I still have 99 pages left with me! I have jot down immediate tasks to do, along with the long-term to-dos. I love it.

Oh! Another great thing? It is magnetic! It has a magnet stuck behind it, which makes it obvious that it can be stuck on fridge or closet or alike. I don't have a proper place decided yet; but there is always a positive aspect!

I will write more posts on it as I use it more. Until then, see you.
And yeah, I cannot assure you guys if I can write a post tomorrow. Anyway, stay tuned; stay glued.

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