by - September 09, 2014

Today the first lecture went off, which is a bit unusual. In my college, the lectures happen most of the times, except if the professor is busy elsewhere (mostly in college work). And the professor who teaches us Indian Regional Journalism is a highly punctual man, with lots of knowledge in the subject. He has been in this industry more than my age (that is more than twenty years!). So if he hasn't turned up in the class, say, until 7:10 (lecture is of 7:00), then that's a sure-shot indicator of him being absent (which again, rarely happens).

After confirming from the staff room that the professor is absent, we had to do some fun to keep us entertained until the 1 hours 45 minutes' lecture's end. Luckily, as the guys went down (maybe to canteen), only we four girls were present in the class; remaining three girls were absent. I had washed my hair today in the morning. So when I wash them, I am irritated most of the time, as they're either too silky to maintain, or too weird to style.

That time my classmates were saying that I was lucky to have long hair, and that why I didn't style them; they also spoke about fishtail and other hairstyles. (And two of them regretted cutting their long hair!) So I just asked one of the classmates if she knew how to tie a fishtail, and she said yes!

I closed the room's door, and our mini-salon started there. To my surprise, there were lot of knots in my hair. (I have a habit to tie damp hair in a loose bun to get natural waves.) She removed the tangles, and the girl started tying a fishtail.

After a while, all the three of them said, "Wow!" I immediately took a camera and started clicking selfies--selfies that highlighted my hair, and not just the face.

I love how it looked! I'll try to do it someday. The best part was a girl saying to another on a railway station, "Tichi hairstyle kay masst hoti na!" (Her hairstyle was awesome, right.)

You guys can try this hairstyle as well. It really looks lovely. Send me fishtail photos on or
Have a great evening! xoxo

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