Goals-To-Achieve List // September

by - September 01, 2014

And again, after many months, I'll jot down my goals on TPCG.

ONE | Celebrating 1st Anniversary of Blog
You guys! TPCG will turn 1 on this 15th! I don't believe it's a year already. I still remember all the hardships I went through, all the criticism, and all the pains to almost get through a year of my blog. I will make sure to celebrate my heart out on this very day, and try writing special posts on the same. I am so, so, so happy!

TWO | JPO Project
We have to submit a project on the subject Journalism And Public Opinion in the first week of September. I have the Kashmir issue as my topic, and I haven't even started researching on the same. As the submission is in the first week itself, I will hopefully get done with this goal before the 7th of September. And again, as our coordinator takes this subject, it is pretty important, and the output must be appropriate as there might be strict checking on it.

THREE | A Post On My Pencil Case
Finally I have found a black coloured pencil case which is large enough to fit in all my supplies. I took a black one because I was tired searching for a perfect one in the stores. I love all the supplies inside, and I'm looking forward to write a post on them and the pencil case as well in this month.

FOUR | Wishing Best Friends On Their Birthdays
C'mon! How can wishing best friends be a goal? Well, not wishing exactly, but trying to do something special for them is what comes under this list. Many known people have their birthdays in this month, but even my best friends are September babies. I'm excited.

FIVE | Giving My Best For STUCO
Did I tell you guys that I am a part of the STUCO of my college? Well, I am. I hope I try my best and attend all the meetings and events of the college. It's going to be fun.

SIX | Submitting Research Paper
I am going to submit my research papers for an inter-university competition named Avishkar. I have put my heart and sweat in the topic, and I hope I get what I deserve. Though the main competition will be in January or February, we will still have rounds before reaching the main event. I just need to put more efforts in the paper and I'm good to go. It's going to be a big thing for me.

SEVEN | Improving Blog
You know this: improving TPCG never goes out of the list. Each day I just keep trying new things. I keep bettering. And with the first anniversary, I must be really better than what I was on the last year's September 15.

EIGHT | The Letter R DIY Project
There's gonna be yet another DIY decor for my room coming soon. I have purchased tissues. All I need is time, and the project will be ready! 

 NINE | Frames
My room is gonna get painted soon. Like I told earlier, I'm going to put lot of efforts in decorating it. I'm thinking of putting up three to four frames on one of the walls of my room. Cannot wait!

TEN | Finishing The Fault In Our Stars
I've borrowed the book from my classmate. So as in I have to finish it soon and give her back. But, from the reviews, I make out that people are loving it.

ELEVEN | Decorating My New Room
My room will be painted soon and I can't wait. (This is not my room!)

TWELVE | Finishing Jane Eyre
I was reading Jane Eyre on Kindle, however in the end I realized that the edition was just half. If I wish to read further, I had to buy it. So, I have downloaded PDF of this book. I must finish it; it is indeed a fun book.

THIRTEEN | Keeping Agenda Up-To-Date
Due to monsoon, I used to keep my agenda and pencil case at home. But hopefully I will carry them in September and expect a bit lesser amount of rain to avoid carrying the umbrella.

What are your goals for September?

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