Newspaper and Magazine Making

by - September 10, 2014

No subject has been as good as this. I really love to design magazines and newspapers. I love this subject. I love this course.

It feels so good to carry laptops and magazines to college! When others carry calculators and heavy books, we carry magazines, laptops, and glasses. Though the bags get too heavy on Wednesdays and Thursdays, still it is acceptable. We don't get the Multimedia Room, as it doesn't have a free slot for us, so we have to carry laptops.

I carry my tablet, so my bag is lot, lot, lot lighter than others. Plus, I keep the bag contents super simple. I don't carry unnecessary things. I don't even carry notebook as I take down notes in the tab itself. There's seriously no point in carrying heavy notebooks when you have a tab with you.


We have six subjects this semester, and out of that, five have the regular pattern; whereas, the sixth one, which is Newspaper and Magazine Making subject, does not have theory paper. We have to make one broadsheet (of four pages), one tabloid (of four pages), and one magazine (of thirty-two pages) for 25 marks each. We will have viva on the three.
Just imagine! Twenty-five marks for one newspaper/magazine. Amazing!

For the internals, our professor had asked us to make replica of first pages of a broadsheet and a tabloid. We are done with everything (internals plus externals), except the magazine. We started the magazine just today. Our professor has asked us to get the cover page tomorrow. I'm done with it. Magazines are one of the main reasons why I chose Mass Media, and then specialization in Journalism.

Anyway, tomorrow again, we have the same lecture, and I'm excited. I'm gonna pour in as much creativity as possible. And due to blog, I am well-versed with the fonts and styling. (Lucky me!)

After the submission in October, or whenever it would be, I will post photos of all the pages!

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