June Favourites

by - June 29, 2015

Hello! I was reading old posts on TPCG before starting with this one. 't was fun!
Anyway, here is a list of my June favourites: 

First Video on YouTube
 Finally, the goal since so many months was achieved in June. I had not thought of shooting a video and then uploading it on YouTube. But I somehow did, and yeah, I'm a YouTuber now.

30 people have followed TPCG. Though I don't know who the 30th follower is, I am so happy! If you don't know how to follow a blog, you might want to read this.

 Cooking took a totally different turn this month. I cooked main course meals, desserts, cake, cookies, and snacks!

Learnt Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream & Cookies
 My mom always wanted me to bake a cake. For my brother's birthday, I baked one, and I'm glad I finally could bake a cake! Check out Vanilla Ice Cream and Cookies recipes!

 Though for a past week, the skies have decided to not shower their (wet) love on us, the mid of June experienced a lot of rain.

 The sleepover with my BFF after many years was appreciated and cherished by me. (Also, check out this cute sleepover guide.)

At last, I made printables for my gorgeous TPCG readers. In case you haven't printed them yet, do it from here.

Passed Semester VI with an A Grade
I passed semester 6th with an A grade. Though I wanted an O, it's fine. And one more important thing is that I stood second, whereas I wanted to be first. I went behind the topper by just a percent. Nevertheless, I'm glad I'm finally done with all the six semesters.

Row House Trip
 It was a fun two days trip. Though two more of the brothers weren't there, we did enjoy. We played table tennis and carom, and that was the best part. Finally I learnt how to play table tennis. (And I beat them in one set of 21 points.)

Got Admission for MACJ Program
Yeah! This is the best one from June! I made into one of the happening colleges of Mumbai.

Recipe Journal
I'm glad I put more recipes inside the journal. If you want to know how to make it, check it how,  here.

Planted Two Trees!
My brother and I planted two trees on the 6th of June! We are so very proud of ourselves.

That's it, guys. What are your June favourites? x

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