Sleepover Essentials

by - June 19, 2015

After 5 years, I finally had a night in with my school-time BFF, Prajakta. We used to have many sleepovers during school days, and the year followed by the school. I know her house in and around, and it is fun to be with her.
Yesterday was comparatively a different kind of sleepover than we usually have. We watched 'Sex and The City' movie, made cheese potato balls, and hogged on Choco Lava cake and a few delicious chocolates. We didn't gossip, but talked, we didn't waste our time, but watched a movie.

Anyway, here is a list of my essentials to a super-hit girls' night in:

1. Camera | No matter if the host has a camera or not, I would say, carry one of yours. There are those awkward and amazing moments that you must capture, and without having a spare camera, that would just be impossible. Also, make sure you carry its charger and a USB Chord too.
(I had not carried a USB chord once, thinking that I would insert the SD Card into the computer, and open the images, but my friend's computer did not have a SD Card slot. And trust me, I'd lost my mind after that.)

2. Pajama (Shorts) | Wear comfortable (and cute clothes). The best option for the lower body would be pajama or pajama shorts. I had worn my pink  checkered pajama shorts yesterday.

3. Earphones (& all the chargers) | I agree that at least one of your friends might have a charger there, but what if she is using it, and your cellphone's battery is completely drained out, and you want to desperately upload a snap? So a cellphone charger is must. Also, earphones are must. I don't know if you are the last person who sleeps in a sleepover, or the first, but earphones are necessary. I always sleep the last, no matter how less I had slept the night before. And after everybody dozes off, I seriously need something to keep me entertained. That's when I listen to songs to make myself fall asleep.

4. Popcorn | If your friend was home alone the entire day, she might have failed to buy snacks or drinks, so if that is the case, I recommend you to buy your group's favourite snack, and munch on it while you gossip about almost every possible person in this world. I had carried two popcorn sachets yesterday, though we didn't make them.

5. Chocolates | If your dad has just returned from a foreign country, and of course has brought home chocolates from there, it would be really great if you carry some for your girlies.

6. Pair of Glasses | If there's a plan of watching a girly movie or a romantic movie, you must carry your glasses (needless to say). And if there's no such plan, still carry them. If everybody dozes off and you're wide awake like an owl (probably), you might feel like surfing on the net, or watching TV.

7. Movies & Songs | You might need some songs to lighten up the mood, and dance your worries away. You can take the songs from your cellphone, or burn them on a CD, or the pen-drive (PD) is always a good option. And how can one not take their hard disk on a sleepover?

8. Makeup | Makeup won't be for you, but for that girl who hardly wears any. It might be fun to put on some to that girl. A makeover sounds cool!

9. House Keys | Even if you're staying for a night at your friend's place, you should always carry the house keys, for any unexpected emergency. And you can also carry bike/car keys even if you've not taken it to her house for any spontaneous plans (well, if you know what I mean).

10. Nailpolish | How about a quick manicure?

11. Extra Clothes | Yesterday night, my brother dropped me at my BFF's house by a car. So I was wearing my pajamas and tee right from the house. But I couldn't wear my pajamas while coming back from her house. So I had carried a pair of jeans too.

12. Toothbrush | Even if you have decided to go to your place right after getting up, please, it is a sincere request; kindly carry your toothbrush.

13. Money | Girls' night in always has ordering of food like pizzas. I suggest you to carry money with you, even if you're going just a block away.

14. Drinks | You can carry hot chocolate in winters and monsoon or soft drinks in summers. Drinks are a total necessity.

15. Magazines or Book | You can also read a book while you're bored. Often, when most of the girls are asleep and one is awake with you, on a phone with her boyfriend, a good book will be your best companion. And if you want some makeup inspiration, carry your favourite magazines too.

16. Hair Ties | Diva while going at friend's place, and a sucker while coming back home? Feel the sudden urge to tie your long mane? Then you must carry a hair tie. You will also need it to tie back your hair while brushing or washing your face.

That sums up the list, ladies.

P.S. I don't drink and so my sleepovers are a slightly different than those that happen nowadays.

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