Everything Happens for Good

by - June 26, 2015

Remember few months back I was preparing for an entrance exam to get into Symbiosis, Pune? Remember how I failed at it miserably?

I always thought I was good enough to get into Symbi. I was almost sure about getting into their Merit List, or at least be amongst the top 10 in the Waiting List. But you would be shocked if I told you on what number I was; I was 75th on  the Waiting List. 75th.

The image I had about myself was shattered within seconds. I started crying, crying very deeply. I could not believe I was so undeserving; I could not believe I was ranked 135th. Never in my dreams had I thought I would be this far.

All my dear ones consoled me saying I would get something better; they told me how whatever happened, was for good. I always smiled and chucked away their words, and thought there was nothing better.

But, after a passage of some time, I opened the Mumbai University site to check about the MACJ course. To my luck, the filling up of the entrance exam forms had just begun. I also tried other famous colleges in Mumbai for this course.
I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that any college in Mumbai would have better exposure than Symbi. But, I wanted to stay away from my house. I wanted to stay away to develop my personality, to get into the wild, to live my life without any support from my parents (obviously the financial and emotional support would always be with me). That's the reason why Symbi appealed me so much.

But then, a week back or so, I went to give the entrance exam for one of the top colleges for MACJ program in Mumbai. On 24th, the results were announced, and you know what? I made into the First Merit List! I was 22nd amongst 300 students. I was way up in the sky.

On the day of entrance exam, I realized how different and amazing the life in Mumbai was. Sure, I stay in one of the suburbs of Mumbai, but the proper Mumbai? It's overflowing with beauty. I was marveling at the beautiful Victorian buildings as though I had visited Mumbai for the first time. Looking at buildings, looking at the always-so-pleasant climate around, I knew that my friends and parents were right: Everything happens for good. 

I don't regret even a bit to not get into Symbi now. I am happy; I am happy beyond words.

Just today I filled the admission form and paid the fees. So now, finally, I smiled, as I know I am worthy and deserving of anything in this world. Everybody is. If a door closes for you, there are million more doors that God just open them for you. You need to keep an eye, and grab all the opportunities.

Thank you; thank you for standing by.

Lots of love.

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