Tree Plantation

by - June 06, 2015

Hello! I'm awfully proud and happy! My brother and I planted two trees today. Yes! Two trees. Planting small saplings is a different thing, and planting trees is different.

Well, we went on top of a hill in my city, and planted there.

My brother has vowed that he would plant 5 trees in this year. From last year's 10th June to this year's 10th June, he has planted 5 trees. Now, until 10th June, 2016, he would plant 10. And the number will multiply in this fashion.

He had planted one tree in his backyard in Britain, two in Bhimashankar, and two in Mumbai. So these two were his 4th and 5th trees. Whereas, they were my first and second.

Initially, I have decided to plant one tree per year. Now let us see how it goes. I hope I plant more and more trees. It feels incredible, you know?

In the morning, my brother announced that he needed the car as he was going to plant trees, and would need the car to carry them. At that time, my mom suggested me to go along with him. I happily had bath, changed into new pair of clothes, filled a 2l bottle with tap water, collected my glasses and a cap for brother, and went down near the car parking.
My brother placed the trees near my feet in front of the car, along with a hammer and a tool, which he carried to dig the surface.

We reached the hill, and came near a comparatively barren piece of land. We immediately got down the car. I was carrying the tools and the water bottle; whereas, my brother was carrying the two trees.
Coincidentally, there were traces of a jamun tree in that area. We had decided initially to plant our jamun tree there, and the umbar tree somewhere else.

But later we thought the two would get each other a company, and they could talk and be best of friends. So we planted them almost next to each other, thus keeping in mind they have enough space to grow, and even then be perfectly near to each other.

My brother planted both the trees, and then we clicked pictures of them, and pictures with them. (The mandatory selfies!)

You have no idea how heavenly we felt. It was as if we were just helping the humankind by this act of ours. You guys should plant trees too. You really will be overjoyed!

Anyway, here are some of the photographs we clicked on my HTC Desire 820, today!

Capturing both the trees in one photograph

Carrying the trees in our car

My brother's 4th tree

My brother's 5th tree

In between two trees

Digging in

See ya! Fellow humans. x

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