Down the Memory Lane ~ A Dancer in Me

by - June 05, 2015

I'm trying a new series namely 'Down the Memory Lane'. In this, I will post photographs from childhood and talk about the memories behind them.

Here's an album of the photographs of my childhood days, when I used to a lot. I used to be in the dance competitions, annual functions, and other performances in my school. I haven't missed even a year's annual function.
If you know me after my school, you might think I'm lying; but I ain't. I really used to dance a lot. In most of the performances, the choreographers used to place me in the front, or as the lead. (And no; I wasn't short to make me stand first in the column!) Dance was such an important part of my life. Here are some photographs in different poses from the childhood years:

I performed in a role of a Deer in Mini KG. It was sort of a dance, if I remember. It was like a short skit too. My mom says I had the loudest voice amongst all other animals
(I still have a very loud voice!)

The year is 1999. So old, right? I was in Mini KG in this dance too. This was my first performance of Ganesh Chaturthi. In my former society, all the kids used to dance on Bollywood songs in Ganesh Chaturthi, in front of an audience, and Lord Ganesha being the Chief Guest!
We used to have total fun while rehearsals. As I was the youngest of all that time, I was pampered too! Ah! Miss those days!
The song was Lover Girl by Alisha Chinai.

It is unbelievable how naughtily I am smiling! God knows what was I up to!
This was Diya dance--one of the famous dance-types in India. The songs are usually based on diyas or Diwali festival.
In a corner of my brain, there's a blurry image of this performance. I remember the teacher applying lipstick on my lips, in the green room. There were glasses, and in them, the diyas.

This was me, in standard 1st. The performance was an aerobic one. Do you see the girl in the centre? She was my first best friend. We both had a pair of matching green coloured dress. But the sad part was...we could never wear it on the same day, as something or the other used to come up. I remember, we had decided to wear it on one of the casual-dress days, but my dress was at my granny's place, unfortunately. I was so sad that day!!
About the dance? Well I remember those shoes, and I remember the black bands we're wearing! Yes, and I remember the gorgeous Olympic vest as well!

Another dance in the society. There's one story behind the ghagra I'm wearing: We had purchased that ghagra-choli for my brother's thread ceremony. I remember; one day, while I was on my way to the school, dressed in this ghagra for some function, sitting in an auto, the odhni of it had flied away. That's the reason why I have worn a red coloured odhni (which seems like a total mismatch) on my head!
And the song on which we were dancing? Well it was the Chal Pyar Karegi from the movie Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai.

This was in 2nd standard. It was some Koli song. I remember my saree was loosening. (Can you see it near my feet?)
While the dance was being set, the choreographer--one of the seniors--made me the lead. Sadly, I don't remember the name of my partner there, as he left the school next year.
 While the photographs of this dance were up on sale in the school, I had purchased this; and in the school bus, my brother's friend--Rahul--had complemented me saying I danced really well and that I was looking cute. Getting a complement from brother's friends always meant getting it from your brothers; because for them, I was their little sister too!

This is of standard 5th. Again, despite of my height, I was the first person in my row. The song was Aali Majhya Ghari Hi Diwali from the movie Ashtavinayak

This was the legendary 7th standard. I was new in my school, and I was made the Monitor of the class. This was one of my best years of school days.
The theme of that year's Anuual Gathering was different countries and their songs. Ours was Portuguese. I was the lead, there!

This was one of the saddest dance performances. It was a dance competition, and we were runner's up. I wanted us to win...but never mind. The theme was India. We had Punjabis and Marwadis...and some more people; I don't remember.
Yeah, I look like a typical Punjabi village girl!

That's all, guys. I hope you enjoyed the photographs from when I was a kid.

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