Baskets for Storing Nailpolish Bottles

by - June 25, 2015

Hey there! Yesterday evening, I was out with my best friends; it was my friend's birthday, and so we met for a light dinner. And then after I came home, I had no topics to write on.

Anyway, let's get into today's:

If you have enough space in your room, especially on a low-height cupboard, or a table, or maybe if you have a vanity area, you can use this trick.

There are many such straw baskets available in the stores. Buy one, and use it to store in all the nails-related things, like nailpolish bottles, cotton, nailpolish remover, manicure sets, nail clipper, etc. It will give an organized yet a chic look to your room. You can call it as your own mani-pedi station. How amazing!

If you have a number of shades, you can just keep the ones that are in trend for the season. For example, keep all the darker shades in the basket during winters, and keep all the bright hues in the basket during summers. Cool?

Or, maybe, you can buy a small basket, and store nails' accessories only. For example, keep a glass tray, and store in all the shades you have, and in the basket, you could store cotton balls, nailpolish remover, top and base coats, cuticle cream, nail clipper, foot scrub, etc.

It's all up to the size of the collection you have. You can use trays, baskets, bowls, and glasses to store your makeup, nailpolish bottles, and all other possible feminine add-ons.

How do you store your nailpolish bottles? x

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