Monthly Weight Loss Routine

by - June 02, 2015

I might not be the right person to give this tip. But yes, I'm thinking of doing this from tomorrow.

I am not into losing my weight as such, but would definitely want a healthier body, since I'm indulging in lots of cheese recently.
It will be a successful plan if you do it sincerely.

You can apply this method from this month onwards. I'm thinking that June would be a good option, as the rains will hit the towns and it will be less hotter.

Anyway, here's the method:

Firstly, select a period which you think will be appropriate for this method. Later, mark the beginning and the end with two small dots, or any abbreviations, on the calendar. For example, if you choose to do the exercises from tomorrow, mark 3rd June as the beginning, and 30th June as the end. (I am going to use my wall calendar for the same.)

After this, find exercises that are simple, yet proven to lose weight.

After you're done exercising each day, just put a small 'tick' on the date. Continue doing it until the end. If ever you miss a day or two, there will obviously be a punishment: you will have to extend the 'end' by the number of days you've missed.
For example, if you missed five days in June, the end would extend to 5th of July.

I'm sure if you exercise regularly, and keep a record, you'll be able to achieve the desired result. And yes, don't forget to eat healthy!

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