Down the Memory Lane ~ My Brother and I

by - June 11, 2015

I thought it would be great to share this aspect of my childhood, as it was my brother's birthday yesterday. There are lot of pictures together, but we look insanely horrible in them. So I will just share those in which we look...umm...acceptable.

So here are the photographs:

I was 1 month old in the picture. This is my favourite picture with my brother. Both of us look cute, and I love the expressions on my brother's face! I also love how my mom has held my neck and head.

I was a year old (or maybe younger than that). We were at my grandpa's place in this. I simply adore the look of affection we both siblings are sharing.

This is the apartment we live in currently. Everything has changed, except the two frames and the washing machine.
I remember how badly I abhorred this frock of mine. Sure it was a pretty frock, but it pinned me from inside; the material was a bit prickly.

Here is again a photo of the house we're living right now. This was clicked in the year 2002 as the dateline on the photograph says.
I remember this petticoat of mine. It was brown coloured and had warli design on it. It was a blissful dress for summers.

This is the year 1998! So old! It was Rakshabandhan and I was bowing to my brother. This is Pune's former apartment.

I was more than a year old. This was the summertime when I was relaxing topless! My mom says this is my grandpa's house.

That's it, my lovelies. All other photos are too ugly to upload.


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