Shine Your Leather Bags

by - August 31, 2016

I used this trick to shine my bag, last night. As you guys know I pack my bag for next day a night before, I was indeed packing one yesterday. I hadn't used this maroon coloured faux leather bag in months. So when I took it out from my closet, I saw there was dust and the bag was not in a very good condition. But I badly wanted to carry it as it matched my selected outfit.

To shine my bag, I just applied a pea amount of moisturizer on one side and then more of it on the other side. My bag literally shined and it was as good as though I've been carrying it everyday.

If you wanna shine your genuine leather bag, you need to first clean it with a dry cloth (in case there's any dust), and then take a little amount of moisturizer (by little, I mean, very little), and apply it all over. Just make sure you don't over-moisturize it, as it's leather you're dealing with!

Let me know in the comments below how you shine your leather bags!


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