August 2016 Favourites

by - September 01, 2016

August has been a good month. I enjoyed more, was happy more, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I'm happy right now, at this very moment.
Just like I write about my favourites of every month at the end of the months, I'm listing down some of the key moments/things that made me happy in the month of August:

Internship at Vogue
This definitely had to top the list. I have never dreamt of getting inside Vogue so soon. It happened and I have to pinch myself in between as a reminder that I really am a part of the Vogue team.

Good Music
I learnt what good music is. I downloaded various instrumental songs of Bollywood, along with a couple of melodious Scottish bagpipe tunes. Incredible, the power of music is!

Beach Swimming
I swam in beach after many months, thus reliving my childhood days when I didn't know how to swim and when water scared me and when my relatives (including my father and brother) had become my sworn enemies as they forced me to go deep inside the sea. I would like to throw you guys back in those days, before grade 6, when I didn't know swimming. All the men from my family were bullies and used to trouble me. They used to run behind me and I used to try to run towards the shallower side of the swimming pool with my tiny legs. Ah! Good old days! I'm glad that I joint swimming classes in one of the summer vacations. I hated them then, but those days were truly beautiful!

Bhimashankar Trip
The trip to the Bhimashankar temple was a drive in heaven. Covered from all the sides with fog, we enjoyed the road that took us to this temple. A passably recommended place during monsoon.

What were your best moments from last month?

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