How to Write Blog When There's No WiFi

by - September 04, 2016

I'm at my Pune House, and there's no internet connection here. Earlier, I had WiPod, but we no longer use it as the company has changed its packs, and there's no suitable pack for us any more. Therefore, I'm without any internet connection.

If you're a dedicated blogger, you would want to write blog under all sorts of circumstances. You might encounter a no-WiFi hotel or if you're travelling by a train or bus, you won't have WiFi there. What to do when such crisis hits?

The answer is simple: using your mobile data and sharing it on your laptop via WiFi Hotspot.

But, but; when you're travelling, you're already using so much of your mobile data that spending more just doesn't seem convincing. On top of it, if you're a prepaid sim holder, then your data pack can extinct. Therefore, you don't just need WiFi hotspots, but a trick, too.


  1. Open your blog's dashboard (when there's no internet). 
  2. Connect your laptop with the mobile data and quickly go to New Post. 
  3. Turn off the mobile data immediately. 
  4. Now, under offline mode, write your post. 
  5. Once you're done, have checked grammar, and the post is good to publish, connect to the internet again, and quickly Publish the post. 

TIP: To save more data, the designing of blog graphic and sharing the post across social media can be done on your cellphone.


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