Three Years for TPCG!

by - September 15, 2016

Today, three years back, a blog named The Pretty City Girl was formed. I didn't know that it could achieve so many things, and also help me achieve so many things. Out of all my possessions, my blog is my biggest achievement; my blog is something I'm most proud of. It has not just pushed me to be a better writer, or for that matter, unleashing my hidden potential, but also gave me a strong reason to never settle for anything less.

All the fantastic things happening in my career are because of this phenomenon--a phenomenon that has completely changed my life. What I am today, what I have achieved, and what is yet to achieve, is all because of my blog.

I never was a writer, like I've told you. I never knew I could even write. Sure, I wanted to pursue journalism when I was in school, but I had never planned my life accordingly. After junior college, I had listed two options--Bachelor's of Management Studies (BMS) and Bachelor's of Mass Media (BMM). I don't know how I settled on BMM (maybe because my college didn't offer BMS course back then and that I badly wanted to stay in the same college?).

Even in the first year of BMM, I was an ordinary writer--not someone who would confidently give her write-up to an English professor. Later, slowly, with eagerness to learn more and more grammar rules and improving myself constantly, I developed my English skills. I don't boast of having the largest vocabulary or the best of writing styles, but whatever I possess, I'm darn confident about it.

Since a couple of months, I am not giving the same amount of time and affection to my blog; but the blog's still going on. I had written about how my dad sits on PC and how difficult it was to write on a small screened laptop. But now I own a Surface Pro 4, and the task of writing and editing is a piece of cake.

This is all I have to say about completing three years.

Here's to many more... xoxo

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