Hilary Rhoda Blackest Black Eyeliner Pen | Review

by - September 21, 2016

My best friend had purchased this eyeliner and spoke well of it. I had tried it on myself before buying and I vaguely remember how it looked. But, since I was drained of my old eyeliner by Maybelline, I laid my hands on this.
I'd never heard of the makeup company Hilary Rhoda, but the packaging truly appealed to me.

I found the packaging rather posh. The pen comes in a black glossy finish with beautiful embossed golden fonts. The tip gives the pen a sharp look. The cap fits perfectly and is reliable. Due to the trustworthy packaging, travelling is not an issue. (Bonus: It slips in the vanity pouch without a hitch!)

The application is as smooth as silk. The tip glides effortlessly, and the cat eyes you always wanted? Well, that's possible too. You can draw a line as fine as a hair using the thin tip.
The look? It is glossy and not matte. If you want to wear it for parties, then this will compliment suitably; however, if you want to wear it to office or college, then the gloss will be a bit over-the-top. This is the lone reason why I don't like it very dearly.

The liner lasts until you wash it off. The gloss retains too.

It is smudge-free, but wait for few seconds after application and then play around with your eyes. The eyeliner is waterproof in a way, i.e., if few water-drops fall on your eyes, the liner won't come off or smudge. However, removing it becomes difficult. This is yet another disadvantage of the product. When you wash your face using a cleanser, you'll look like a drug-addict panda. You'll have to thoroughly wash your eyes.

- Looks exquisite
- Inexpensive
- Smooth application
- Glossy finish
- Easy application
- Travel friendly
- Smudge-free

- Not matte
- Not fully waterproof
- Difficult to remove

If you're looking for glossy eyeliners, buy it.

WEIGHT: 1.2g (Not sure)
PRICE: Rs. 150
SHADE: Black
FROM: One of the beauty stores, Crawford Market, Mumbai


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