What to Eat throughout a Workday

by - September 02, 2016

Though there's not much of physical exertion (apart from travelling), there's indeed a little amount of mental exertion, which ultimately makes me tired and leads to increase in the appetite. I am not a person who religiously carries a lunchbox wherever she goes, but whenever there's office, I do. I have a beautifully packed lunchbox, which carries out all its functions.

We often are confused about what to eat throughout the day. I've listed down what I eat and some more ideas to keep you hydrated and happy throughout a work-day:

I have breakfast before leaving, that is, at 7:30 am. I have fresh food that my mom is making for lunch early morning. I eat two polis (rotis) and the bhaaji (sabzee) she's making. Sometimes I go for cereals or oats. You can go for the easy to make recipes like a bowl of cereals, muesli, oats, cornflakes, etc. You can top it with chopped fruits and nuts. You can make sandwiches by adding few tomato and cucumber slices, dust some black pepper and sprinkle chilli flakes. Don't forget to spread butter!

By the time I reach, I start feeling hungry. Unless and until I'm too hungry, I don't have a second breakfast. But, if I am, which is mostly by 11:30, I either have second-breakfast (packed by my mom) or have coffee/tea from the office's pantry. For this second-breakfast, you can have sandwiches, fruits, upma, pohe, sabudana khichadi, sheera, or anything that you would otherwise have as a breakfast item.

LUNCH (1:30 AM)
By 1:30, I have lunch from my lunchbox. I carry two polis and bhaaji for lunch. If not this, I carry rice, paratha, dosa, or idli. Sometimes, my mom surprises me by giving sliced tomatoes and cucumbers as an addition. You too can carry something that is filling, but not junk. For a complete meal, carry daal, buttermilk, and salad too.

If I'm tired by working, I drink cold coffee or hot coffee at around 4:30 pm. As the coffee has milk, and is in abundance, my tummy is quite filled. You can also have green tea or the chai. Along with that, you can eat protein balls made of oats, honey, cocoa powder, and nuts. 

Then, when I'm in the train, heading for home, I have my third lunchbox, which is an apple, toasted bread slices, or dry Indian snacks. The snacks include chiwdafarsanbakarwadikachori, or biscuits. The idea is to fill-up, no matter how flimsy or how heavy. Another healthy option, apart from fruits or snacks, is nutrition bars or chikkis. Both are filled with nutrients and will keep your gut happy until you have dinner.

DINNER (9:00 PM)
Then finally, after reaching home, I have dinner, which is a heavy one, as I think I need a heavier, fully-packed dinner. I get tired until I reach home, plus the apple I've had at 6:40 doesn't help much. For dinner, since you exert much due to travelling, you need good food. I eat two polis (rotis) with bhaaji (sabzee) and aamti (daal). Sometimes, I also have a bit of rice and salad to go along. If you don't have to travel much and don't get fatigued by the end of the day, you can eat less. Be careful of how much you eat at dinner, as you don't have any physical activity, since you're sitting at your desk full day. You don't wanna get fatter!

What do you carry?

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