List of 85+ Idioms, Phrases, Terms for Food-Writing

by - September 12, 2016

My supervisor had asked me to write a small piece on Healthy Food Places in India. I wrote a simple article, and made sure I did not use the Oxford Comma, which I'm obsessed about. I also used better vocab, but then eventually, my supervisor explained how I needed to avoid words like delicious, great, etc. That's when I decided to go through all the food articles on and find out terms, idioms, or in general, anything that will help me improve my food-writing. If ever I come across some more terms later, I'll make a new list and post here (so don't worry).

Add to your table ____ dish
Al Fresco - party-like seating in a restaurant
Authentic ____
Brasserie - a modest restaurant that offers drinks and simple food
Breaking the strongest dieter's willpower
Caramelised onions - fried onions with sugar and salt
Check out their ____ dish
Concoction - a mixture of various ingredients
Confection - a mixture of; something sweet
Critters - living animals
End your meal with ____
Exploding with ____
Extensive menu
Famish - very hungry
Foodie Rutuja
Gazpacho - vegetable soup that is served cold
Get a taste of their ____
Go-to option for ____ dishes
Gorging on ____ dish - eat enthusiastically and in large amount
Grab a bite
Grab a bite of ____
Hashtags (Use hashtags to pep up sentences/headline)
I keep coming back to this restaurant because of ____
I love their ____ dish
I recommend ordering _____ dish
I'm a fan of  their ____ dish
I'm obsessed with their ___ dish
If you have a thing for ____, then try ____
If you prefer ____, then go for ____
If you're getting the munchies of ____ - food cravings
If you're looking for ____, then try ____
Intricately - carefully with details
Kill your cravings with ____
Loaded with ____
Nothing beats the ____ dish
Nothing like the ____dish
Our favourite is their ____ dish
Peckish - slightly hungry
Peppering with ____ - showering with or sprinkling something
Pick off ____ dish from the menu
Plating up
Presentation of the dish
Quick bite
Range of ____ dishes
Satisfy your sweet tooth by ____
Scrumptious - delicious
Showing off someone's platter
Signature dish
Some alternatives for ___ are ____
Specially crafted
Standout dish
Start off with their  ____ dish
Start your day with ____ (some breakfast option)
Sugar rush
Superfoods - foods full of nutrients
Taken by storm
The menu also has ____ options to choose from
The restaurant boasts of _____ dish
Their ____ dishes are unmissable
This restaurant offers ____
This restaurant serves ____
Those who fancy a ____, try the ____ dish
Toasted with ____
Treat yourself with ____ dish
Up Market - for the rich
Upscale - for the rich
Whip up your ____ with ____
Wrap up your meal with ____
____ dish
____ dish makes a good meal starter
____ dish will put you in a good mood

PS The word 'dish' after every blank denotes that you have to enter a dish's name in that blank space.

What idioms/phrases/terms would you add to the list?

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