September 2016 Goals

by - September 07, 2016

As I'm working at Vogue, I want to put my best face forward. In the start, I always talk less, and always am under confident when it comes to speaking with colleagues and bosses. I feel like I'm interrupting them and so am hesitant to start a conversation. However, slowly, I'm gaining ground and being my own self--not exactly the way I am with my friends, but the way I am with my acquaintances and professors. I want to be the best of what I can be and show my boss how sharp I truly am. Currently, I intuit that my impression is ordinary in front of my colleagues and my boss, which I absolutely detest. I'm one of those people who start off on a very bad note; i.e., my first impression is pitiful. Later, slowly, I think that people like my personality more than they do at our first meet.
So, nevertheless, September's all gonna be displaying my true witty self. I hope I succeed at doing that. 

I must put more efforts in befriending colleagues or at least getting acquainted with them. For the starters, I just have to smile at them, which I do. I must start talking with them, so that I develop a happy work environment.

When you have to work in one of the finest companies, you always have to dress smartly. And when you have to work in a fashion magazine org, you have to be better. Dressing gorgeously is not a rule, and people don't look at you in an indifferent way if you're not a fashion diva; but, this becomes an unwritten rule. You must look good to feel good; at least that's what I take as gospel. Therefore, September is when I'll discover more outfit options and play around with my accessories too.

TPCG's Leather Anniversary is on the 15th and I'm excited about the same. Though I'll be busy this year, I definitely have few things in mind. I was planning on a giveaway, but unfortunately, the company I was collaborating with could not continue the deal. I'll try collaborating with a different company, or else, might go with a giveaway individually. 


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