Keep a Track of Tasks: Tip for Interns

by - September 28, 2016

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I used to do this in the first few weeks of my internship. I used to get lot of tasks from different people of my team. There are three people in my team, but for an additional supplement, which will be out in November, we have hired freelancers. So, I have seven people, excluding me, right now. They pass on some work, and then it gets too confusing. On top of that, sometimes those who are not in the team, but still are writing for our sections, give me a task; I have to keep a track of that too.

So how do I do that? Now remembering all the tasks seems easy, but this was not the case earlier. If you too get lot of tasks, there's this amazing method I follow--writing everything down.

As soon as I reach office, I turn on the computer. (I reach 15 minutes before time, by the way.) I go through my mailbox and usually find at least three mails for me. I flag and pin them to the top so that I don't forget to reply to them. It's easier to find your mails if you flag them. At Vogue, all the edit interns share one email ID; so, the interns under the teams features, fashion features, beauty, and fashion, all share one ID. Flagging just helps all my mails to stand out.

As soon as I flag, I open my notepad, and write the date; under the date, I start writing tasks. For example, if I have to reply to three people, I will write:

☐ Reply abc
☐ Reply xyz
☐ Reply rst

As soon as the tasks are done, I strike off and check the boxes. This is how I keep the track.

Also, I have to save images that we would use in the magazine. If I'm sending mails to ten companies, I write down names one below the other in my notepad. For the title, I write down the name of the article, along with the person's name who has asked me to save the pictures. For example, if my colleague Sonal asks me to get pictures from companies, in the title, I mention Sonal's name as well. (This is one super important tip.) Due to this, I can easily scan through pages if ever Sonal asks me about which companies are yet to send the pictures.

These are the tips I follow; the main solid tip will always be WRITING IT DOWN.
Jot down everything and I'm sure you'll remember everything.

What method do you follow at workplace?

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