Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation Review

by - August 17, 2016

I was only fortunate to get my hands on this splendid foundation. Since I post reviews and love makeup, my classmate from degree college had approached me for it. She said the product did not suit her and if I was interested to use it. She also added that she had used it just once, so that there was no need for me to refuse. She also gave me a foundation by L'Oreal, however it is much lighter than my complexion and I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones and my nose. I'll write a review on the L'Oreal one soon too.

Now, let's get into the review of the Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation:

This comes in a tub. I liked the look of it, which is classy. There's also a compartment towards the bottom, which holds the sponge. The top is made of glass, whereas, the bottom is of plastic. Overall, I loved its packaging, as it is compact and easy to carry in your vanity pouch.

You can apply this product using your fingertips also. I use it by either my middle finger or the index finger. The application is smooth and literally glides. I just apply it on the spots left by the pimples and sometimes on the dark circles.

The coverage is crazy! It is the best product I have ever used and I would never stop using it. All sorts of spots are gone, literally, gone. However, if you want to conceal the redness of your pimples, a bit reddish colour is still seen, and of course, the mountain-like nature of the pimples is still there. But, this is the best product for concealing all the spots/marks on your face, and if you're looking for such a product, buy it...just, buy it.

The look? Well, it is slightly pink, so it looks cute on my cheeks. It's as though I have put on some blush. Love the way my face glows. However, if you try to conceal your dark circles, especially if they're mixed with some kohl from the previous day, you'll get a bad look near your eyes. So, you'll need a different kind of concealer for your under the eye requirements. In addition, nobody will be able to notice that you've applied anything. It looks very natural.

It lasts amazingly long. If at all you want to retouch, you can just dab a bit of it, but then, there won't be much of a need. If you're in a super important event, you might want to retouch, but if it's just college, a coffee meet, or office, no need to. Also, you won't need compact powder after applying this, as it perfectly sits on the skin and does not look powdery at all.

- Amazing coverage
- Pinkish (at least this shade)
- Smooth
- Easy to apply
- Can be applied using fingertips also
- Long lasting power
- Cute packaging
- Looks natural on face

- The price could be an issue
- Not meant for under-eyes

For the love of God, just buy it! Highly recommended. I'm definitely buying once this gets over.

WEIGHT: 11.5gm
PRICE: Rs. 740
SHADE: Sand 60
FROM: New Beauty Centre, Bandra


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