Kelwa Beach Trip

by - August 15, 2016

You guys won't believe but I went for a monsoon trip to a nearby beach yesterday. My seniors from college had their passing-out/graduation-ceremony on the 13th, and I got home after it at 10:00 in the night. I was checking my cellphone, like we do after we finally lie down on a busy day. I was chatting with my best friend Anurag and he asked me if I could join him and the Lohagad Trek 'team' for Kelwa Beach. I was in two-minds, and was wondering whether my parents would allow me or no, since I'd just got back home. But, I gave it a shot and asked them. They were not readily allowing, but I somehow managed to coax them.

So, we decided to go. We had decided to leave at 5:00, but his brother and his wife did not wake up early, and so the start got delayed to 8:15. We went by his Bhabhi's (sister-in-law's) car, Maruti Ertiga. We took almost an hour and 45 minutes to reach the beach. Those three had already visited it and they were in love with the beach's cleanliness. However, after reaching, due to the high tide, the beach was dirty and the garbage from the water was all over the sand.
We, therefore, thought of trying the Mahim Beach, which was just 4 kms away from this beach. We went there just to find that the Mahim Beach was worse (and even more deserted); there was no way we were going there. So, we went back to the Kelwa Beach.

Though there was dirt near the entrance to the beach, the faraway place was much cleaner. So we settled there. We had Wada Pav and the Idli Chilli Anurag's Bhabhi had made. After that, we laid down the newspapers on the sand and rested for merely five minutes. Anurag wanted to get wet, so he asked me if I was interested. I immediately agreed, as I love to swim and I love to swim in seas. We asked the couple, but out of them only Bhabhi was interested. So, we three went inside; whereas, Anurag's brother was securing the iPhones and the wallets.

Anurag and I went deep inside, however, his Bhabhi was a little scared to face the waves. She said she loves swimming in pools but not in seas. We forced her and she was with us in our spot for a couple of minutes. Then Anurag and I went back to the shore. His brother gave him all the wallets and cellphones, and then he, along with his wife, went inside the beach. His brother didn't get wet even a bit. They came back and after collecting our belongings, we went back to our car.

We changed to dry clothes in surprisingly clean toilets that were just outside the beach. We also had two Star Fruits, which were sliced and topped with the amazingly yummy red chilli powder and salt masala. (I have written a post on this 'Masala' trick before.)  We then left for coming back.

We didn't click many pictures this time, just a couple of them, which I've uploaded below:



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