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by - August 16, 2016

All you foodies, I have a good news. Ever wished you could taste food from all over India, just by sitting at your place? This is a reality now. You can subscribe to this amazing SnackPackage by CarePackage.in, wherein, you'll get famous snacks from different regions of India, every month. This month, the Package delivers snacks from my hometown, Pune, and I was so excited to open it, needless to say!
Though I visit this city several times a year, I don't necessarily go to these shops. I'm so delighted to have tasted these amazingly delicious snacks from my very own city, after such a long time.

I'm gonna review this month's package, and share some photographs, so that you exactly know what comes inside.

It comes in this simple white box, with the name of the company on top, adorned with beautiful yellow and blue ribbons. Since it's a startup, you cannot expect a top-notch packaging. Honestly, whatever came inside was too yummy to even care about the package.

The snacks are from Pune's three of the most famous Mithaiwalas/Bakeries, and I'm not bluffing. When I say this, I know for sure, and you gotta trust me. When I opened the package, even my mom was happy, as she could eat Bhakarwadi after many months. The package includes:

  1. 250g Bhakarwadi from Chitale Bandhu
  2. 3 Sonpapdi from Kaka Halwai
  3. 250g Shrewsbury Biscuits from Kayani Bakery
I am satisfied with all the chosen products. I wish there was Chitale Bandhu's Amba Barfi too, but since it is a wet sweet, it could have become stale until it was delivered. All the three items chosen are dry, and could last long. The taste? I'm nobody to comment; these snacks are from Pune's three of the legendary shops, and nobody has a say on the taste; it's lip-smacking!

If you're a foodie, you should definitely go for it.

This SnackPackage has subscription options, wherein, every month, you'll get a call, and if you'd like to continue this package, you can do so, and then pay per month on COD, PayTM or Bank Transfer basis. They'll be launching the 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscriptions soon, so stay tuned on their page. 
PRICE: Rs. 299 per month (the 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscriptions will include discounts)

PS. This service is available in Mumbai and its outskirts, however, if you're based out of Mumbai and still want this, you can contact and request them here

Check out this video to know more about them:


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