Makeup Haul | July 2016

by - August 23, 2016

I wanted to share my mini makeup haul since the moment I laid my hands on these lovely beauties. I haven't purchased much, hence the little 'mini' before 'makeup haul'. I wanted to get myself some beauty essentials and I had to go visit the beauty centres at the Crawford Market, Mumbai. These beauty shops are my favourite as they always have items on discounted rates.

Let's now dig into the haul:

Lakmé Nail Color Remover
I have already written a post on why this nail polish remover is my favourite. Since my older one got over, I had to buy a new one. I was looking for more options, but then, settled on this one. You guys won't believe but I've been using this since grade 7th. You know I can really be faithful, even to a nail polish remover! I got this for Rs. 68, after a discount of 10%.

Faces Correct and Care Cream
I have written a review on this as well. I don't use this product anymore as I've found a better one. The smell and the colour to the face it brings...well, I've started not liking it. Anyway, I'd bought this one for Rs. 399. 

Miss Claire Matte Lip Cream
I absolutely love the colour, and I'm gonna buy all the shades from this brand as it is cheap, but still a good company of beauty products. I got this lip cream only for Rs. 150! (Check out my review here.)

Incolor Matte Me Lip Cream (Shade 427)
I loved this matte lip cream by Incolor, and yet again, I think I'm gonna try all the shades from this brand too. I got this for Rs.180 only. 

Incolor Matte Me Lip Cream (Shade 407)
I loved this shade as well. Absolute class. If you want to know more about this cream, read my review. (HINT: The review's positive!)

Maybelline White Superfresh Compact
I liked this compact by Maybelline, and I have written a review on it. This is hands down the best compact I've tried till now. I got it for Rs. 150.

Vega Beauty Blender
Finally, I got this little guy by Vega. I had gone to this store with four other friends, and we divided and bought this pack of four Vega blenders. I got the single piece for Rs.27. The colours were insanely yummy--baby pink, pistachio green, lavender, and white. My friends took the colours, whereas left the white one for me. (I think I'm gonna hate them forever for this cruelty.)

TOTAL: Rs. 1,014


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