Monsoon Road Trip with Schoolmates

by - August 04, 2016

Hi, there! I was out of town with family for a monsoon trip to Bhimashankar, Maharashtra; I will upload pictures from the trip very soon. I love trips and I love trips in monsoon.

All of us have school groups on Whatsapp, where only few are active, and others just open the group in order to get rid of the notifications. I am part of such a group, where only a couple of members are those I really am in contact with, others are mere schoolmates.
We also have experienced people making plans to meet, but fail at it horribly. It happens partly because no one is interested and partly because those plans are mere formalities. But, this time, some serious travel-lovers came together and really executed the plan.

A different group was created for all those who were interested in going for a monsoon trip. There were around 11 or so, out of which 7 of us went. Initially we had planned only bike rides, but as it started raining heavily, we changed it to cars. We were planning of going Kelwa beach, but then changed the plan to a nearer beach, Gorai.

We reached the beach, but due to high tide, the water was all over the beach and so the authorities had shut its usage. We hadn't planned to actually swim in the beach, but just dip ourselves till our waists maybe. So, we weren't disappointed as such. It was raining badly that Sunday, so badly, that my mom was asking me to not go.
We decided to go to a nearby resort namely U-Tan Sea Resort for lunch. The resort is beautiful and has a lovely beach view. Sadly, I deleted all the pictures. However, whatever pictures are left, I've uploaded them here. It's a must, must visit, especially if you love the combination of nature and luxury. It's best for monsoon or winter, as the place is marvelous.

So after lunching, we clicked photographs, and came back to our homes. The road trip was indeed an amazing one, with a bunch of schoolmates. I was meeting one of them for the very first time, as when I had left the school, he had joint it. So now you know how this group was. I went with them because my best friend Anurag was coming too, else the probability of me going was very less. But whatever it is, the trip was an enjoyable one!

I'm sharing few pictures, and please excuse me if my language is not clear. I am just back from Pune, and in a trance, for sure.



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