One Product You Should Definitely Carry on Monsoon Trips

by - August 11, 2016

There's only one reason why my hair looked gorgeous and shiny during my monsoon trips. I went outing thrice--trekking at Lohagad, road-trip to Gorai, and a three-days trip to Bhimashankar. Out of these, for the trekking I had not used this trick, but my hair were doing good as I had tied a tight ponytail. However, during other two trips, I had used this trick, and my hair thanked me. No wonder why all of my selfies were so stunning. I've never looked good in selfies at a stretch, you know?

All right, so what is this trick? All you need to carry is a hair serum and a comb. By comb, I mean a flat comb and not a brush. Due to the rains, your hair are wet and weak already. So it is advisable to carry a comb, and not a brush. I use this Roots No. 38 Comb.
Which serum to use? You can absolutely use any serum you want. No need for it to be just frizz-free. You can go for any serum you have at home, and apply it on your hair at regular intervals. I am currently using Loreal Total Repair Serum

For my Gorai road-trip, I had applied serum twice--first, when we got onto a dry land (i.e., to have lunch) without a comb, and after lunch, with comb, when I also had reapplied my lipstick. My hair went from frizzy and dry to smooth and shiny.

What I did during my trip to Bhimashankar was way beyond the definition of me; we had travelled by car and due to the long distance, we all were laid back. Whenever we got down for clicking pictures, I used to comb my hair with the serum after getting back inside the car. I had such less amount of hair falling, and the hair quality? Ah! Stunning!

So, next time you go on Monsoon trips, or for that matter winter trips too, don't forget to carry a serum with you. Don't keep it in your luggage, but in your carry-on tote, which will be with you all the time. Trust me with this one. And yes, I am a girl with fine, straight hair, with an oily scalp, so if it suits my hair type, it definitely will suit yours.

 To make things believable, I'm sharing few selfies I took on my trip to Bhimashankar:


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