August 2016 Goal - Balancing Time

by - August 08, 2016

All right, so honestly, I have not been getting enough time to write blog and manage other tasks, like writing script, or some improvements to the blog. I do have time but as my father sits on the PC, I don't feel like writing blog. All my resources are on my PC and so it gets difficult to write without them. I'm waiting for my dad's Surface Pro 3 to repair, because then, he's gonna give it to me. I'll shift my base there, or just copy all my stuff so that I feel like writing.

It's not just about the PC...these days I pass my time by watching Dragon Ball Z, and it's so addictive, that I don't feel like moving from my place. The other day I had watched 40 episodes in one day, and I looked like a zombie at the end of it. This happens every time I come across a good, addictive TV series. Last time it was One Tree Hill, and this time it is Dragon Ball Z. I feel like clicking on next episode, because the end of every episode is that brilliant.

August will be all about managing my time and balancing all the tasks. My train journeys go waste as I listen to music. I don't carry a novel as my bag is heavy due to the umbrella and the water bottle. I don't even have videos stored in my cell like TV series or good movies, so my journeys are waste.
One time, I had copied 10 episodes of DBZ in my cell, and watched them while on my way to college. I felt so good. I must do this every night, so that I have enough time during the day. I wanna finish this series soon, so that I can go ahead with Dragon Ball GT (or whichever next series of Dragon Ball is).

All I gotta do is organize my tasks and allocate time slots for the same. I'm hating how I've been so lethargic about my blog lately. You guys know my level of dedication...if even though this is happening, then there's gotta be something terribly wrong.

Have you ever felt like you have been passing time without finishing the tasks?

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