Monsoon Trip Essentials

by - August 12, 2016

With the long weekend approaching, I'm sure you guys must have planned a monsoon trip. In order to have a fun trip, you must ensure that you've carried it all. I've compiled all the necessary items that one must carry in their carry-ons and their luggage bags, so that you don't miss out on anything!

I had written a whole post on this yesterday. Go ahead and read why carrying a hair serum is important in monsoon.

Don't use a brush on wet hair. Instead, carry a flat comb, which has wide teeth, preferably. Comb down to get tangle-free and smooth hair. I use Roots No. 38 Comb.

This is such an important product. During monsoon, everything seems so unhygienic, including your own hands. So whenever you wanna have food, make sure you've sanitized your hands with this.

Any trip is incomplete without tissues. Carry a pack of tissues so that you can use them to wipe off your hands after hogging on some snacks in the car.

This is one thing you must carry. Whenever you get back in the car after taking selfies near the waterfall, I'm sure your cellphone has those tiny water-drops. In order to wipe them, you'll need a rough cloth. You can also wipe those muddy drops on your legs using this. Often, even the seats are wet due to our partially wet bodies; you can wipe the seats with this multi-functional cloth.

If you're going to get wet in rains, like during treks, you'll need a towel to dry your hair. For guys, you'll need towel to wrap it around your waists as you change into new set of pants.

It is always safe to carry an extra pair of clothes, just in case you decide to get full wet, without using raincoats or umbrellas.

 Firstly, when on monsoon trips, apply minimal makeup. Go ahead with a waterproof lipstick and a thin line of kajal. So while packing, just keep these two items in your vanity.

If it's raining heavily outside, you might prefer to stay inside the car. For this, you'll need to stock on snacks. Carry those monsoon special snacks, or if not, roasted corn and chai is heaven for this weather.

 We often are in two minds about how many umbrellas to carry, or if at all to carry any. I would suggest you guys to carry as many umbrellas as the people travelling. For my Bhimashankar trip, we had carried four umbrellas as we were four people. It often happens that the rains are so violent, that you wished there were many umbrellas.

 Raincoats or rain-jackets make a way for your hands. However, not everybody owns one. It is always recommended to carry raincoats if you have them.

If you're going for a trek, your shoes will get muddy, so you'll definitely need a pair of dry footwear. During my trek, everybody except me had carried an extra pair, and they were happy to have clean feet. On the other hand, I was annoyed of my wet and muddy shoes.

If you've planned on going from early morning to late evening, you'll need a charger (or a car charger) so that you can call back to your homies complaining about the traffic jam and that you'll be late. Also, you won't be a miser to click selfies or use the Google maps, if your phone's battery is doing well.

Pile up all types of songs in your car. From fun, rock 'n' roll, to slow, romantic songs. You'll need all of them, trust me.

You'll need plastic bags to dump wet clothes, umbrellas, and raincoats. These come in handy, and keep the car's interior dry as well.

What else will you add to this list?

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