Bhimashankar Family Trip

by - August 10, 2016

It was a wonderful trip with my mom, dad, and brother. The destination was Shivthar Ghal initially, as my mom wanted to visit it. It’s a place where people say Shivaji Maharaj had met Samarth Ramdas.
However, coincidentally, it started raining heavily around the date we were travelling. Our plan was still intact. We left on 2nd August at 3:30 p.m. I had to go to my college to fill examination form, and it was apparently the last date to fill. So I had to go to college anyhow. I came home at 1:45, and then after lunching, we left. We decided to halt one night at our Pune Home, as Shivthar Ghal is nearer from Pune than it is from Mumbai.
We went by our car and reached Pune at around 7:00 pm. We changed to home clothes, and then after some time of script writing, I went to the kitchen to toast bread slices. As you know during travelling, we all are so dehydrated, that we don’t really feel like eating; so we just had toast for dinner.
Next morning, we had to leave early, however, previous night, my uncle who lives in Pune, had warned us of going to Shivthar Ghal, due to the heavy rains and bad roads. It was morning and my uncle said again to not go there. We thankfully agreed and changed our plan to Bhimashankar, which is approximately 120 kms away from Pune.

You must be knowing about the horrible mishap that took place, where the Mumbai-Goa bridge collapsed, washing away 2 buses and many cars. If we would have gone to Shivthar Ghal, the bridge could have been on our route. Now you know why I'm happy that we agreed to my uncle?

However, my brother was a bit upset as we changed our plan. He has visited Bhimashankar many times before and wanted to go to Shivthar Ghal this time. But, the unfortunate rains...

Halted for breakfast
The next morning, we changed our plan, and left for Bhimashankar at 8:20 am. We had tea and biscuits to fill our tummies, but also halted for a proper breakfast mid-way. After feasting on wadapav, misal, and onion bhajjis, we left for our way ahead.

The road was crazy...there was absolute fog, and it was so thick that we could see the road only few metres away. It was as though we were driving in heaven. Whenever it rained, the fog disappeared. We halted many times to click pictures with the beautiful greenery as the background.

We finally reached Bhimashankar at 12:45 pm. The temple is beautiful...cold, peaceful, and a must visit. If you love travelling (especially for bike lovers, this could be an adventure), are a Lord Shiva bhakt, and love monsoon trips, this place is a must visit. The roads are surely gonna drive you crazy...

After lunch

After darshan, we started our way back. On our way, we had corn, wadapav, and tea, not because we were hungry, but because the weather demanded. At 4:00 pm, we had lunch in a horribly disgusting dhaba. I found a fly in the Chhole bhaaji that we had ordered and I stopped eating it immediately. I had finished 1 and a half butter-roti till then, and so my stomach was in a good state.

We reached our Pune Home by 7:50 pm and immediately got ready for dinner with the extended family. We went to the Garden Court hotel, and, well, there's a long story to tell! We came home and then we dozed off. I felt so good. My cousin brother was there too...he slept in my brother's room; whereas, I slept in the living room, on a mattress, with my daddy's sweater.

Next day, we left after having breakfast, and reached was so good to be back on a stable land after travelling for three days straight.


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