Small Notebook for To-Dos

by - December 10, 2014


Recently I've been carrying a small, thin notebook for taking down to-dos that strike me during college hours. This book is definitely functional and useful.

I have this similar book but in French Rose pink colour. It has a soft cover and it is of a hand's length.
As the book is light weight, I don't mind carrying it to college. Many times we remember something amidst lectures; we can use this book to write down that stuff. If we have not carried the agenda, we can surely use this book.

It's a great way to write the things you have to do. You can draw a square before every to-do item. As soon as the work is done, you can tick the square.

I suggest you guys to carry a small notebook like this. If you don't find a good design on the book, then you can always cover it with a fancy gift wrap like I had done to my blog book.

How do you write to-dos?

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