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by - December 07, 2014

I am changing the 'Goals-To-Achieve List' tag to just 'Goals'. Goals word is short and sweet, and I guess I should have done this as soon as I had realized it.
With December coming, though it really isn't festive in India, it is definitely a fun month. At least in Mumbai, slight winter chills are felt in December, and so it automatically brings smiles on everybody's faces here. (At least the atmosphere around has less moisture in it!) So December...also January to an extent, is a fun month, and you find Indians chilling in these two months.

Therefore, my goals would be more fun-oriented in this month.

Celebrating College Days
Let me confess, I am a lazy person when it comes to celebrating college days. I really like to follow them, but I also need some support. I cannot dress like a vamp on Halloween Day and then see that I am the only stupid in the class to dress like one. So if I have enthusiasts with me, then I have absolutely no problem in doing that. 
The worst thing during College Days is deciding the outfit, and later implementing it. For example, I know what I am gonna wear for the upcoming Halloween Day, which is on Monday, but I am too bored to assemble the outfit, and actually wear it. 
I celebrated the Twins' Day, St. Nicholas Day, and also Jungli Day to an extent...so I guess I might gather the guts and enthusiasm, and while dusting off the laziness, I would celebrate the days, which happen to be the last college days of my life.

Wearing Hoods and Sweatshirts
Mumbai's weather in December is good only in the early mornings and at nights. Funny, while I go to college, it is somewhat cold, when I am in college, it is pretty cold and I think of wearing hoodies, and while coming back from college...it sucks; it is so hot while coming back.
But I've made it a point that no matter that I just get to wear sweaters for the three or four hours of college every morning, I still will wear them. I love winters, and I feel unfortunate and unlucky to not get enough of them. I really wished the weather was colder in Mumbai.

Family Time
My dad is coming in this month...and I'm so, so happy! Finally all the four of us will be spending time at home.

Being Stylish
This goal is intact since many months.

Planning out Goals for 2015
I don't really follow the resolutions that I make for the next year, so I hardly make resolutions. But there are some full time goals for the next year, and I will write a post on it soon.

Bettering TPCG
You know how important it is for me to keep bettering TPCG every day.

Visiting Cards for TPCG
Oh my God! I have this goal since many months, but I haven't accomplished it yet. So this month, no matter if I print a pile of just 50 cards, I am printing it anyway.

Keeping the Room Tidy Always
As my brother had got a not-that-serious plaster on his right foot, he used to be in my room the whole day, as the PC is in my room. He had his medicines, food, and other things always lying around. Finally the plaster has been removed and so he is comparatively lesser on PC. Like today, I am on the PC since morning, literally. So I cleaned the PC Table, keyboard, and broomed the room, along with wiping off dust from the frames, etc. 
So now hopefully I will keep it clean again.

Reorganizing Closet
My closet is organized right now. But when my dad comes, he will bring many bags (handbags, totes, etc.) along. Therefore I will have to reorganize the entire closet. I will have to make more space for bags, and cleverly organize the closet.
Hey! Also check out the post on how to organize Indian styled closets: Indian Cupboard Organization!

What are your goals?

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