Traditional Day

by - December 17, 2014

Today was the last "day" of the college days. Traditional Day is one of the most loved days. The main reason, well at least in my college, is the DJ. The whole ground is full with students, dressed beautifully in Indian attires, and dancing, thus putting their whole energy on the field. They dance as though it is their last day on earth, and they have to dance and have fun with their college mates.

I simply love Traditional Day of my college. Sad to say, but this is going to be my last college day of my life, as I am graduating this year. I will miss all of this. I was in this college for five years, and indeed it has become my second home. I desperately wish my college had PG courses in my field of interest as well.

Anyway, I am sharing a glimpse of the Traditional Day. (There are no photos while dancing. All the photos clicked are after the dance was over...hence, don't expect us to look pretty!)

Does your college celebrate Traditional Day? Does it play DJ?

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