11 Things to Cheer You Up

by - December 20, 2014

Today I had a sad time. Sorry for not posting for two days straight; I was planning for a college event, and yesterday I was in my college attending College Fest. Today, I headed a BMM event, and in the end, I was not acknowledged by my professors. The professors clicked photographs with the hosts, but totally forgot to applaud me or thank me for heading the event. I guess the photographs are incomplete without the event heads; right?
I do not ask anybody to thank me on the stage, but thanking me in person, with a smile, would have been something really nice. Some people are so lost in their own world, that they forget to thank the deserving persons, and instead prefer their "favourites".

Anyway, when stupid things like these happen, there's always this TPCG guide to cheer you up:

What's your trick?

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