How to Organize and Study {Tips For Engineering Students}

by - December 14, 2014

I am so relieved to know that the method in which I study is effective to a more difficult field of education...that is, engineering. These are Pournami Jois's notes and organization, and I thank her for sending me all this stuff. (She's my best friend, in case you want to know!)

 To start really need to have fancy supplies. They're not expensive, and are available at any stationary store across India.

You can keep your supplies in a cardboard box.

She has organized different pens in four groups--Black gel, black ball point, blue ball point, and blue gel pens. Make sure you have enough of each type.

The second important thing, of course, is the organization of notes. She has clubbed all her self-notes into binder clips; she has clipped different subjects with different binder clips.

(Check out my self-notes here.)

She uses flags to divide the chapters. As BMM doesn't have chapters, we cannot use flags to do the same in my field.

She has used stick notes brilliantly. In the above picture, she has stuck a cute Miffy stick note and have written down an important question on it.

Even in the picture above, she has done the same.

She has used the yellow stick notes in context with the flow charts. (Maybe someone from her field of engineering would exactly know what she has written.)

Usage of colorful pens while studying is important. She has used a variety of colours for flow charts.

Another important thing is organizing the study material. If your stuff is at its place, you automatically feel like studying, needless to say.

And finally, there should be a comfortable place for studying!


I am really happy that engineering students can use my method. By the way, my BFF has had no ATKT so far; she's in the third year, and no, she was not one of those 'nerdy' students in school to be so successful at studies.
I guess the time has come when you become serious with your studies as well. And if you're an engineering student, and find my study tips useless due to the change in toughness level, then you should definitely read all the above tips, and clear away the misunderstanding.


Are you an engineering student? How do you study?

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