Konkan Trip 2014

by - December 03, 2014

Ah! The three-days-two-nights trip to Konkan was amazing. We still feel as though we are still there, and leaving back the resort and friends (in fact best friends) was too tough.

We left on the 30th November by a 7:15 bus to Dapoli city, which is in Ratnagiri, i.e., in Konkan area. We got two pairs of seat, and along with that one seat (as we were five), which was besides an old, Konkani man. Well, to my ill-luck, I sat next to the man. (Though later we swapped the seats amongst ourselves, I sat next to him for most of the time.)

The bus journey was crazy. To our surprise, the morning was cold; it was so cold that I had worn a hoodie. (Actually, I don't easily feel cold, so if I wear a hoodie, it is indicative that the weather is really cold!)
Our co-passengers were so frustrated with our constant talks, laughs, and the irritating language that we speak. We speak a code language, which only my best friends know. We were passing comments on the co-passengers and were laughing our asses off!

We stopped just for once at a small hotel that looked more like a breakfast hotel. My friend ordered coffee while we were munching on homemade idlis, wafers, and biscuits.
After a tiring and boring journey of 7 hours, we finally reached Kherdi Phata. The BFF's uncle had come to pick us up. We drove in an Indigo towards the resort, while really struggling hard to adjust ourselves as four of us were on the backseat!

We reached the resort and it was so cool. Coincidentally, the Zoology department of our college had come here for their field visit, and we were searching acquainted faces amongst the crowd. We reached our dorm room that had five beds. I chose the middle one.
My BFF's dad followed us in, and she asked him to arrange lunch for us. We lied down, assembled our luggage, changed into comfortable clothes, and went for lunch shortly.

The lunch was yummy. Her maternal aunt cooks food in the resort, with the help of two men and women. We had vegetarian thali, whereas two other friends had fish thali. After lunch, we went to our rooms, and then in a while, my BFF showed us the resort. We clicked photos (which was obvious).

Then we went back to our rooms, and watched a film. The characters in the film were so funny that they made us laugh throughout the trip. We also went through the pictures that we had clicked till then.
We went to the recreation room to play table tennis and carom in the late evening. After that, we had dinner. We had matar bhaat (peas' rice) and heavenly delicious kheer for dinner. The dinner was perfect as we had had all sorts of food in the bus journey.
We dozed off pretty early, that is, at 12:00.

We were looking forward for the next day, as we were to go to a beach. In the morning, after having breakfast of dosas and chutney, we went to a nearby jungle. The jungle was a perfect place for some really good photographs.

Then after that, we had lunch at the resort, and then after having a break of two hours, we changed into beach outfit. We drove to the Anjarle beach, which is half-hour away from the resort.
Ah! The beach was just like a private beach. There were no persons around, was clean, and the place was perfect. We clicked photos. And guess what we saw there? Starfishes!!! I had never seen them before, and they were so adorable! I did not even know we could find starfishes in India. This was one of the best things of the trip.

After clicking photos and playing with the waves, we went to Dapoli city, drenched wet, to buy eggs and other things. We went back to the resort, had hot water bath, and had dinner followed by that.

In the night, we skipped all the fun and shut our eyes at 1:00.
We were sad to wake up the next day. We had to leave this gorgeous resort and go back to the concrete jungle--literally, concrete jungle. We got up at 7:30, and by 9:00, we were almost ready. We breakfasted on omelettes, poli, kokum soda (!), and left for home.

Having omelette for breakfast was a very bad idea. My friend threw up four times while coming back, and another friend puked once. Even the remaining three of us were really feeling sick. While on the way, we were praying hard to reach home early. And when the car came onto the Expressway, we smiled, because we knew we were soon going to reach home.

Have you been to Konkan?

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