What's in my Handbag? // Event Meeting Edition

by - December 21, 2014

Three days back, I had gone at my BFF's place to discuss about the BMM event I mentioned yesterday. As I was the head, I had to plan lots of things. I had listed down important tasks, and everything was pre-planned. For discussing all this, I had gone at her place.

This post is about the stuff to carry for event discussions or meetings; the bag need not be heavy, and it is fine to carry only the necessities.
So, what's in my bag?

I love this orange handbag. It is perfect for such meetings.

This is the bird's eye view. The bag is pretty good to carry a lot of heavy items (like books and tablets).

Sunglasses... It was morning time, and the sun was shining brightly. Sunglasses were a must.

Cellphone... I was using a Nokia Lumia 720, but just today I exchanged it with dad. I am using a Panasonic P51 now.

Asus Tablet... I had downloaded fonts and I needed it to make online posters.

Planner... The other day, when the professor had called for a meeting, I had written down event details inside this planner; and so had carried it. 95% of the event's planning was inside this. If I would have lost it, I would have been dead.

Glasses... Since I had carried my tab, the glasses were must as well.

College Id... I always carry my college's identity card with me wherever I go. It has my house details, which are important.

Pen... If there's a planner, needless to say, a pen is needed.

Wallet... how cute is my new orange coloured wallet? (It matches with my handbag!)

Muli-utility case... I will write a post on this soon. I carry this case only when my bag has enough space to carry it. If I don't have much space inside the bag, I remove some important items from it, and keep them floating in my bag.

That's it.

What's in your event meeting bag?

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