2014 Favourites

by - December 27, 2014

Just four days left for the year to come to an end. I thought of compiling all the favourites of the year 2014 according to months.

After organizing the event of last year's new year, the new year of 2014 started on a happy note. Our SYBMM's Industrial Visit was at Udaipur. More than the IV, the best thing was befriending a classmate named Rutuja Nagwekar. Now she is a loyal best friend, and the one to whom I can run any time for problems, especially problems related to college. I feel grateful as I got the opportunity to be her best friend. She has brought immense amount of positivity in my life.

The best thing in February was reader's responses. I got many mails to post stuff on TPCG. Apart from that, the new and improving collection of stationary and Valentine Day roses are favourite part of February 2014 as well.

Though March happens to be my birthday month, it isn't really happening. I always have exams around my birthday and so my birthday isn't really oh-my-God-the-best-day-of-my-life. 
However, there are two amazing things that happened in March--a set of highlighters from Kores as a token of thanks and a pair of Forever 21 wedges.
(Okay, and to an extent, the way I studied for finals was an awesome thing too!)

The results of the Semester IV were out, and I stood FIRST!!! I was unimaginably happy! This is probably the best thing of the whole year.

CHINA SHOPPING. I was in China in May. And irrespective of what great things happened in May, I'm gonna completely ignore them, and just write 'China Shopping' under this list. Though I did not shop shoes or bags, I did buy lots of things. And yes, I did buy bags online from a Chinese store.

I visited China! I was totally happy. China was splendid to me, and I loved the country so much.

UK!!!!!!!! I had never imagined I would visit UK. And on top of that, I visited Emirates Stadium. I still don't believe I stepped in the stadium! I cannot assure myself that I was there. While we were landing, my mom and I couldn't just believe we were about to land in UK. I mean, do you understand what I want to say?
I am so happy, that I don't even believe I was there.

The best thing about August was definitely Ganesh Chaturthi. It is one of the best times of the year. 

You guessed it right. TPCG completed one year. I was proud of myself for writing the blog for one whole year continuously. Well, it is one year, three months now!

Diwali time. I know finals began just after Diwali...but whatever; Diwali is indeed a great festival.

 I developed the habit of managing expenses in November. This is one of the good changes in me that happened in 2014. Maintaining expenses (and saving money) is indeed something essential for being a good and organized person.

My dad returned from China, and after many months, we four are staying together again. I love when all the four are home. Basically I am a family person. I like when I'm with my family. Be it my parents and my brother, or my cousins and other relatives. Family Time is my favourite.
Another distinct feature of December is Trips. I went on two trips--one to Igatpuri and the other to Konkan--and I am going Pune on the 29th for my cousin brothers' thread ceremonies. So I guess I am all roaming and wandering in December month.
(Also, I am in love with the bags that my father got for me from China.)

This was the year 2014 in points. What are your 2014 monthly favourites?

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