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by - December 08, 2014

I wanted to write a post on this bottle since November, but failed every time. Remember how I am currently obsessing over drinking water? The sole reason to do so is this bottle.

(Image taken from alibaba.com)

The bottle I have is almost like the one in the picture. Thankfully I have a blue one, and not a pink one; pink would've looked less stylish. Anyway, the bottle is Chinese, as it has something written in Chinese on it. But it has 'Gorals Ideal Bottle' written in English as well.

I have no clue from where I've purchased it. One day, after I came home from college, I saw this lying on my computer table. My brother had used it for milkshake. I asked mom about the bottle and she was unaware about its shop, price, or even a minute detail of it...just like me.

So the next day, I washed it, filled water, and started carrying it to college. And guess what? I carry it like a coffee tumbler. It is like a 'water' tumbler to me. I drink a sip of water from it as and when I feel my throat is drying. It is amazing, you know?

It is probably the most stylish bottle I have used in my life. As it is just 450ml, it is easier to carry in hands, and also to keep in bag, as it doesn't weigh much, and is perfect for traveling short distances.
Apart from summer, we don't really need water while traveling to college or work; the bottle can be used that time. We stay hydrated unknowingly. And once you reach college or office, you can fill it up, and reuse. I don't think filling a 450ml bottle would take more than a minute. 

As the bottle also has the milliliters written on it, we can even count the amount of water we drink per day. (Remember how I'd mentioned drinking 500ml of water the day I had donated blood?) I love that it has milliliters written on it.

Oh! And it also has filter! If, for example, I am drinking green tea, and have green tea leaves inside the bottle, the filter slab of the bottle will keep the leaves off my lips while I drink! Also, if I'm carrying a lemon juice and have lemon slices inside, how convenient will it be?

I am sure you will find such a bottle in the local plastic stores, but there are certain things that you must check before buying one:
  1. Colour (Don't just go with pink because it is your favourite colour; buy a colour that would go well with all the outfits. Colours like black, grey, maroon, red, and brown are superb to buy a bottle that would suit every outfit.)
  2. Capacity to hold water (How much liter/milliliters can it hold? If you want a summer bottle, buy one that would hold a lot of water; if you want it to just sip-and-walk like I do, you can purchase a bottle with 450-500ml.)
  3. Price (Even if they're assuring you a superb bottle, don't get fooled, and buy a bottle that would be worth every penny you pay.)
  4. Quality (Check for the plastic. It should be PET, and nothing other than this.)
  5. Space for Cleaning (Often such bottles have lesser space to put hands inside while washing them. So see to it that you buy a bottle that would be broad enough for you to stick your hands inside and clean it thoroughly.)
  6. Leakage (Sadly, the bottle I use has a leakage problem. Though I keep it in my hand and hardly keep it inside the bag, still whenever I keep it in, it often turns upside-down, and then few drops of water are leaked from it. So when you buy, ask the shopkeeper that if it leaks, you would exchange it. Take a guarantee from him that he would let you exchange it.)

Reasons why you should buy a lock-bottle:
  1. It is stylish.
  2. It is handy.
  3. It keeps you hydrated as it is stylish and so you feel like drinking more water.
  4. It gives you confidence. (I don't know if I am the only person here who feels confident after using this bottle, but yes, try it, I guess you guys would feel the same!)
  5.  It doesn't weigh much.

 Ah! I love it.

Which bottle do you use?

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